Saturday, 8 October 2016

Sinach planning something big

The popular gospel singer, Sinach is planning something really big for her fans and gospel music lovers. She came out open on her facebook page saying:  
"Making music is like cooking. 
It is a process!
Quantity and timing for ingredients are necessary factors
The outcome you desire will be determined by the people you are cooking for. The flavor is different for every culture and geographical area.

But you all must agree that allowing the music, I mean the food to mix properly affects the outcome (taste and sound) 

The time of production for Music like cooking depends on the purpose. Is it a snack or a quick salad or the main dish? (Groove versus Strings) 

Too much ingredients will confuse the listener oh, I mean the eater .

Too little ingredients will leave the porridge not tasty enough too.🤔

My husband is a fantastic cook (oh yes)
He believes that for a dish to come out well, you must work with timing. Know when to add what and for how long it should cook. Timing may bring out the right flavor or change the direction of the music that is, food. 

We recently had a beautiful concert with some of my team members and it was amazing so, SINACH is cooking something.

Follow me on this page as I and a group of anointed musicians and producers cook up this amazing music project. It's taken over 2 years to cook.



"Oh Yes!" her fans replied anxiously waiting.